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Different Types Of Window Dressings

Dressing the bedroom windows is not easy at times. You need to choose the most appropriate dressing taking into consideration many factors such as space, aesthetics, color and style of the windows. There are different types of window treatments on the market today. All these window treatment methods are serving one purpose with different objectives. You can choose the best type of window dressing according to your objective of treating the windows. This article highlights different types of window dressings.

Window Blinds – Blinds are one of the most popular types of window treatments today. They are helpful in providing privacy and regulating light and airflow. Blinds come in different materials and types. You get a lot of options to choose from. There are roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetian blinds. Blinds are manufactured using wood, PVC, vinyl and faux wood. Blinds are easy to maintain and durable than most of the other window treatment methods.

Drapes are another type of window treatment method. Draperies are quite similar to curtains, but made of much heavier fabric. They are sold in panels of fabric, which are available in a wide array of colors, lengths and patterns. They are hung with the help of a rod, and a string is attached to the rod to open and close it easily. Drapes are used in dining rooms, master bedrooms and more formal-type rooms. Drapes are quite difficult to maintain. They get dirty quite easily due to dust and other debris getting attached to them. Dry cleaning is the best method to clean drapes, but it is not easy to dry clean them because of the heaviness and largeness of the material.

Curtains are considered a smaller type of drape. They are considered the most common type of window treatment method used by a majority of homeowners. They are lightweight and easier to maintain than drapes. Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain curtains. Curtains can become messy quite soon with dust and other dirt particles attaching to them easily. Curtains come in many colors, styles and patterns. Curtains are installed with the use of a rod so that they stay in place. Curtains are the cheapest window treatment method currently.

Valances are another type of window dressing method. Even though they are made of fabric, valances are much shorter than the regular curtains or drapes. Valances are commonly used with drapes and curtains to enhance the aesthetic appeal of windows. They are actually sheaths of fabric that are decorated at the top of a window frame. Valances are arched or pleated to make the window treatment look more appealing.

Window shutters are the most expensive window treatment method available today. They are made from aluminum, vinyl, wood and faux wood. Shutters are perfect at controlling the amount of light entering your house. They are great to guarantee privacy too. Shutters come in different styles and colors.

In conclusion, there are different types of window dressing methods to dress a window. An appropriate dressing will definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The Best Window Dressings For Your Home

Dressing a window will definitely enhance its aesthetic appeal. There are numerous window dressings to choose from when you plan to dress your windows. Shutters, blinds and draperies are some of the most common window treatments out there. Even though they are used for the same purpose, they may serve different objectives and aesthetic appeal. Two of the most common purposes of a window treatment are shielding the indoor from sunlight and guaranteeing privacy to the residents. Here are some important tips to consider when buying window dressings for your home.

Choosing a window treatment is not easy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Your decision should be influenced by factors such as space, budget and the objectives for dressing your windows. Each type of window treatment will offer different effects and aesthetic appeals in your home. This is why, you need to pay close attention to the aforementioned factors when choosing window treatments for your windows.

Draperies and their smaller version curtains, come in numerous colors and styles. There are different kinds of fabric too. They are mostly used to block the sunlight from entering the room. Draperies are ideal to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. They can guarantee privacy to some extent, depending on the chosen fabric. One of the biggest disadvantages of draperies is the hassle of maintenance. They gather dust and other debris quite easily. Draperies and curtains should be dry-cleaned or washed on a regular basis. Regular washing can weaken the strength of the fabric, making it prone to wear and tear. Also, draperies are usually big pieces, and washing them on a regular basis can be a cumbersome process at times.

Shutters are another popular window treatment method. They are quite popular in most homes currently. The main reason for this popularity is the light management and airflow control abilities of shutters. Window shutters are manufactured using numerous materials such as vinyl, aluminum and composite wood. Shutters are the best type of window treatment method if you value privacy in your home. They are quite expensive than most of the other window treatment methods. Shutters are heavier than draperies and blinds. They are considered the most efficient out of all the window treatment types.

Blinds are the third alternative where window dressings are considered. They are more expensive than draperies, but cheaper than shutters. Blinds are easy to maintain, and provides light management and better insulation. Blinds are available in various types of styles, materials, colors, patterns and sizes. There are different thicknesses and widths in blinds. Some of the most common materials used to manufacture blinds are faux wood, vinyl, fabric, synthetic fibers and plastics. Blinds will differ in cost according to the materials used to manufacture them. They are easy to clean and don’t get messy like draperies.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the best window dressings for your home. It will definitely make your purchasing decision easier.